Myant, the global leader in textile computing, created the Digital Textile Exchange (DTX) to empower innovators to translate their ideas into textile products manufactured at scale. The DTX is a digital manufacturing platform that connects the network of stakeholders in the advanced textile innovation value-chain to enable unprecedented levels of efficiency, quality and consistency. By connecting existing manufacturers, inventors, startups, and academia with knitting machines and textile producers all working under a new universal set of standards, DTX will streamline the process of going from idea to mass-scale production for advanced textiles, and reignite the culture of making and innovation that has been dwindling in the textile world for decades.

How DTX Works

Recognizing these challenges, Myant created DTX as a digital textile manufacturing nexus in order to democratize access for manufacturers, innovators, start-ups and existing manufacturers. DTX offers a number of key features that lower barriers to scalable innovation:

In Partnership with STOLL

The first knitting machine partners on the Digital Textile Exchange will be Stoll, the German 3D robotic knitting machinery manufacturer. Building upon a relationship that started in December 2017, Myant now has an exclusive global partnership for textile computing applications with Stoll. Stoll’s knitrobotic capability represents a major breakthrough for the textile computing industry, allowing integration of microelectronics and other features into textiles during the knitting process in a fashion similar to the way pick-and-place machines do in microelectronic fabrication. The Stoll knitelligence line of machines includes many other features that are critical to textile computing including a cloud management software where proprietary processes, designs, and other IP will be protected, as well as remote training and production management. Stoll’s knitting machines will be the first to be connected to DTX, opening up a new realm of possibilities for its customers.

Contact us if you are a knitting machine manufacturer who wants to explore the idea of getting your machines connected to the Digital Textile Exchange.

A Global Network of Advanced Textile Manufacturing Clusters

As a first step towards building a global network of advanced textile manufacturing clusters, Myant is growing its own manufacturing capacity by opening up a new facility to house 1,000 state-of-the-art Stoll knitting machines to support the projected demand for their own textile computing products launching in 2020 and beyond. These machines will be connected to DTX, enabling Myant to minimize idle time and maximize their return on investment.

This flagship textile manufacturing cluster will serve as a model for the eventual creation of other similar clusters across the globe, all joined through DTX and operating with the same standards, laying the foundation for a transformation in the textile manufacturing world.

Contact us to inquire about setting up a cluster in your region.